Tp-Castt of Sonnet By Edna St. Vincent Millay

Title- I think the title probably explainst to us what kind of
poem we are about to read and why it is that type of poem.

Paraphrase- If I were to say this poem in my own words I would say,
that it is about love and how powerful it is. How it can make people feel
better just in the blink of an eye.

Connotations- I think when it mentions men that sink and rise and sink again
it is talking about how people can die, or live because of love.

Atittude- The attitude of the poem is very calm and slow because
the poem is supposed to be a very calm and slow poem. 

Shifts- There are no shifts in this poem.

Title- I think after reading the poem I felt that the title was exactly
what I thought it was. It is probably just a Sonnet and the author did
not know what else to name it.

Theme- This poem is about love.
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