ok so this is a free verse Poem writting by Walt Whitman.
It talks about how a person wandered through the woods.
What he did as he went and how he did it. Just a basic Free verse

As Toilsom I wander'd Virginia's Woods By: Walt Whitman

As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woods
As toilsome I wadner'd Virginia's woods,
To the music of rustling leaves kick'd by my feet, (for 'twas autmn,)
I mark'd at the foot of a tree the grave of a soldier;
Mortally wounded he and buried on the retreat, (easily all could understand,)
The halt of a mid-day hour, when up! no time to lost-yet this sign left,
On a tablet scrawl'd and nail'd on the tree by the grave,
Bold, cautious, true, and my loving comrade.
Long, long I muse, then o my way go wandering,
Many a changeful season to follow, and many a scene of life,
Yet at times through changeful season and scene, abrupt, alone, or
in the crowded street,
Comes before me the unknown soldier's grave, comes the inscription 
rude in Virginia's woods,
Bold, cautious, true, and my loving comrade.
Alliteration- There is some alliteration in this poem because there is a big repitition of the word season and that gives off the "S" sound.
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